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Parametric Work with Grasshopper

Post YACademy - Fondazione Prada Project


Rhino 7 + Grasshopper + Lunchbox




Extra Work 


These sections of my website serve as a collection of knowledge that I have gathered through ongoing research in my everyday life. Through exploration of articles, researching companies' initiatives, listening to podcasts, and keeping up to date on recent news, I strive to delve deeper into the realm of the built environment.


I am motivated by a personal mission to continuously expand my understanding and I am committed to unearthing fresh insights and broadening my knowledge on architecture-related topics.

In this case I aim to expand my knowledge in Parametric Desgin

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During my Fondazione Prada Project there was an opportunity for my team and I to utalise a more parametric approach to our design. However, due to the brief’s requirement - “the project should seek maximum financial sustainability,” a parametric style and design would not be feasible. However after my course, my interest in parametric design grew therefore i decided to begin to learn grasshopper. Below are some of my initial works using the Grasshopper Plug-in.

Initial works with Grasshopper

Exploring Grimshaw's Parametric Eden Project structure using Grasshopper

I first attempted to understand the shape of the structure in the pods. Once I realised they were hexagonal shapes, I began to make it in Grasshopper.

Images showcasing the hexagonal shaped structure

eden 1.jpg
96118_N124_a3 (1).1ed1529c7fe7716537788d03e7ed9c16.jpg

Model made in Grasshopper (click image to view larger version)



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